Monday, 29 June 2015

Why You Should Take the Airport Limo Service in New York

At the time when you landed in a terminal comfortably without any hassle and then you plan to take an airport limo for your journey, whether it may be for business requirement or for personal pleasure. If you are taking it for business or corporate use then you can take the advantages of email checking, conference call and paper work during the journey and if you are taking it for personal pleasure, you will be highly relaxed during the journey without any traffic problem.
If you will take the limo, you will get courteous manner in every places like in home, office when you will arrive there. Our driver is well known about their ways and you don’t have to take extra effort for that. Suppose there is so traffic jam in the main way then he knows the other option to reach in your destination in right time. You can also use the GPS inside the limo at the time of travel.
Why you chose airport limos 
·         It is better than public transport.
o   No need to wake up early to finish all work and catch the public transport.
o   No need to carry your luggage.
o   No waiting for bus transfer.
o   You can avoid the traffic rush stress.
o   No expensive parking fee.

Groundlinkslimo provides comfortable airport limo service in New York areas. It has various brands of limos as per your requirement.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Tips to Avoid Airport Taxi Scam and Get Better Airport Taxi and Limousine Service

Airport taxi service has become more important factor for the travelers who are new in the landing areas. With the help of airport taxi service providers one can rich in his destination quickly after landing in the terminal. But sometimes it creates problems for the travelers because of airport taxi scam. Airport taxi scam is a very bad thing by the drivers. When drivers will try to rip the travelers at that stage airport taxi scam come in to play. There are lots of taxis scams are happening in regular basic in national and international areas but the organizations are not taking the statistics and solution for these. There were 59 car drivers arrested in 2010 at New York because of the scam. They had busted ripping off passengers for more than 70,000 rides over the years, with up to 2,000 cabbies accused of intentionally conning customers at one time or another.

  • Here are some quick tips for travelers to avoid the scam:
  • Book only licensed taxis.
  •  Download free apps to know the licensed taxi service providers.
  • Get some local currency in small coins before leaving the airport.
  • Negotiate or agree to the price before you get in to the car.
  • Look the road map first and you can get the shortest and right ways.
  • · Don’t make argument with the driver.

·   After reaching the destination check the value with price sheet and organization value.Groundlinkslimo is a leading airport taxi service provider in New York and New Jersey areas. We are the authorized and licensed airport taxi and limo service provider. We have all varieties and brands of taxies, vehicles and limos as per your requirement. We have licensed and trained drivers for your safe and comfortable journey.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Solve Your Airport Taxi and Limousine Problem with Groundlinkslimo

Now a day’s in the busiest time airport taxi service has became an important factor for all travelers. Nobody has time to spend for other. Everyone has to do his/her work solely or by arrangement. Suppose you have land in an airport terminal of New York in the mid night and there is no one to pick up to your destination. So don’t worry for that because Groundlinkslimo airport taxi service provider is there to help you in the midnight. Or you have important corporate meeting in New Work, and then you can take the help of Groundlinkslimo. Just book airport taxi and corporate cars to cater requirement. Even if you don’t want to book you just call on our no ((973) 453-2822/ (973)2295361) and you can get the service.

Groundlinkslimo is the New York based professional and authorized airport taxi service provider. In our taxi services we provides airport taxi, Airport Taxi Service, JFK Airport taxi, LGA airport taxi, Airport car service, Airport van service, limousine service, airport transportation, limo services, corporate car service. We have varieties of brand cars and limos for your requirement.

Why You Chose Groundlinkslimo: 

  • Reliable vehicles with good Brands
  • Experienced and trained drivers
  • Assistance in luggage pick up
  • Order car as per  your choice and Brand
  • On time safe, quick and luxurious journey